Come Hard, or Don't Come At All
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 All Members Please Read

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PostSubject: All Members Please Read   Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:26 am

* Love Respect and Honor
* Respect family members and tards. Remember its a game and we are here to have fun, but know what peoples limits are for that fun.
* When you first join our family you will start as a Recruit for a two week probationary period. During that time you are to get familiar with the family rules, add all members of the family and build your account(s) up for battle. If you need help with this ask any higher ranking officer and they will be glad to do so. Remember if you want to move up in this family you have to have good accounts.
* Capo(s) are in charge of all new Recruits, if you have any questions or concerns please report to them first if possible.
* After your two week probationary period a gold member and only a gold member can promote you to Wise Guy
* We ask that when you are on mobsters you come to chat. You don't have to stay in chat the whole time, but please come check in and see whats going on.
* When there is a family meeting all members should be there unless cleared by a gold member. Meetings are mandatory and are set for a reason and all should come to know whats going on. We understand you cant always be here, just talk to a gold member before hand.
* If someone from another family with or without rank joins our family they do not have to go through the recruit process. They will start out at Wise Guy and work their way up just like everyone else. But before they are given any rank you must first clear it with either the GF or the GM.
* It is important to always follow chain of command. This is very helpful to the GF/GM they get very busy when things are crazy. Capo(s) are in charge of all new Recruits, make sure they know how everything works and get them ready to become Wise Guys. If your Capo is not on then report to the next highest ranking officer and they will report to their next highest ranking officer.
* Failure to follow the family rules will result in disciplinary action including demotion and possible termination from the family. Remember this is a game, but for everyone to enjoy it we must have rules that must be followed.
* Welcome to Shadow of Death, and have fun.
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All Members Please Read
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